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My mother once told me that I learned to sing before I could talk.  Singing has always been in my soul.  I used to perform in my church Gospel choir and this is where I first got the music bug to sing to the public.

Growing up as a child I was inspired by the music that my family listened too, our home was filled with the sounds of Aretha Franklin, Melissa Morgan, Vanessa Bell, Baby face, Luther Vandross , James brown, Keane, Guns and Roses - the old songs... "Sweet Child O' Mine.

Over time I decided that I had to follow my heart and I went on a journey to write my own album called 'I'm Not Invisible'.  It took over year and was an exciting and emotional journey.  Along this journey I had the pleasure of working with platinum selling and award winning producers such as Stuart Epps, Laurence Hobbs and Ian Nieman

The resulting album received great reviews, radio play and enabled me to put together a great band and perform my own original material.

How crazy is that, I always dreamed of releasing my own album, performing with my own band and all this while being a mother to my two beautiful children.  

My plans for the future are to continue to release new material, work on collaboration projects and work with new artists to help them to achieve their ambitions.    


I have been writing lots of new material with other artists and producers and I am very excited of where this is all going. 

My album I'm Not Invisible' has been released and received great reviews from the industry.

Whilst writing songs I have had the pleasure of working with platinum selling and award winning producers such as Laurence Hobbs, Ian Nieman and Stuart Epps.

Listen to the You tube links and if you like what you hear why not try the album 'I'm Not Invisible' which will be available on Itunes and all good sites from February 2014


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              I'm Not Invisible             Deluxe Edition                                                                                                        Out Now on Itunes                 and all good  music sites                               

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